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The Zennor Mermaid

One evening Morveren listened entranced to Matthew’s singing from a rock in the cove of Zennor. Night after night she listened to his song on the breeze until she begged her merman father to let her walk to the church covering her tail and making sure she was not seen. Each night thereafter she would listen at the church.

She would look and listen every night but leaving before the last note faded and in time to catch the swell of high tide. On the evening she lingered longer than usual and her heard her sigh. He looked to the back of the church and saw the mermaid, struck silent by the look of her – and by his love for her.

Frightened, she ran but he followed her and caught her outside as she tripped in her long pearl and coral-encrusted dress. She told him that she was a sea creature and must return beneath the waves, but Matthew was bewitched by her and swam away with her - the pair of them never to be seen again.