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Zennor Consulting have a wealh of experience in undertaking impartial evaluations. Our evaluation services provide added value which enables organisations to learn from project experiences and make improvements to current and future activities, as well as helping to secure follow on funding. With a nationwide track record of conducting successful and valuable evaluations, we are ideally placed to provide comparisons and case studies to underpin our work. Read more  

Trans-national Partnerships 

With enlargement of the EU to 27 Member States, Cohesion policy and the Structural Funds now concentrate on achieving the targets of the Lisbon strategy for jobs and growth. EU Programmes also place growing emphasis on environmental sustainability, placing new demands on recipients of funding. There is also less funding available in most of the UK for traditional Structural Funds Programmes from 2007 onwards. We recognise that this makes funding harder to win, but have a range of solutions to help. Read more  

Learning and Skills 

Zennor Consulting works extensively with the Learning and Skills Council, Department for Education and Skills, colleges, work based learning providers, learning partnerships, education business partnerships, schools and universities.

We recognise the challenges the sector faces in developing systems and partnerships that can offer effective progression routes for young people and adults equipped with the skills, competencies and qualifications needed by employers. Read more  

Project Support - Project Management  

Effective project management is vital for all types of initiatives. Zennor Consulting provide clear guidance and support to simplify the process. With our help your systems and delivery will comply with all the funders’ requirements so you can focus on delivering the outputs.

We offer a flexible approach so you can choose a mixture of solutions appropriate to your needs. These solutions can be made available on a one to one basis or through group training depending on your requirements. Read more  

Project Support - Audit and Verification 

Zennor Consulting has long experience of helping organisations comply with the audit regulations and guidelines specified by various funding regimes. Our expert audit services provide organisations with considerable assurances of compliance through a range of techniques. We have successfully supported organisations dealing with ESF, ERDF and INTERREG activity to develop internal and external audit programmes. Our specialised knowledge will especially help organisations within the learning and skills, community development and regeneration sectors. Read more  

Programme Management Support  

Following the 2004 Gershon Review into public sector efficiency, public bodies are increasingly becoming commissioning bodies responsible for the dispersal of funds to deliverers. Zennor can offer unparalleled support to organisations managing funding programmes through a range of bespoke management interventions and staff training. Read more  

Project Development  

At Zennor we recognise the challenges of developing and running externally funded projects. We have been there so we can empathise. We have unrivalled technical expertise gained by managing funding programmes, delivering over 300 specialist funding workshops and auditing over 200 projects. Read more  

Capacity Building and Training 

At Zennor we know that capacity building and staff training are critical factors in ensuring the sustainable growth of a project, organisation or partnership. We have long experience of providing high quality training and staff development to a wide range of public, private and voluntary organisations of all sizes. We are committed to sharing our hard won expertise to help our clients to reduce their reliance on consultants in the future. Read more  

Our Values 

  •  Responsive to our clients’ needs
  •  Strong sense of integrity
  •  Providing creative solutions
  •  Practical approach
  •  Sharing our expertise generously
  •  Committed to achieving excellence
  •  Working in partnership with clients to build their own capacity

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